A milestone in material innovation

EvenTeak® is a high-quality fineline veneer made from sustainable teak that is grown and harvested on certified plantations. The result is a fineline veneer that is 100% FSC certified.

Discover EvenTeak®, our latest innovation that blurs the boundaries between man-made and natural teak. By combining aesthetic grace and functional robustness, EvenTeak® offers an experience that is in no way inferior to real natural forest teak. Our extensive tests, carried out in cooperation with the renowned Eberswalde Materials Testing Institute (MPA) and a large number of specialist partners, confirm this: EvenTeak® is not just an alternative, it is the evolution of teak.


Versatility in every fiber

EvenTeak® is not only a visual highlight, but also a true all-rounder in terms of its range of applications. Whether in sophisticated interior fittings or as an elegant boat deck – EvenTeak® meets all expectations with flying colors. Choose from veneer and lumber options that are perfect for use in interior design and furniture manufacturing as well as outdoor applications.

Product specifications:

  • Thickness options: 0.5 / 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.5 mm
  • Fleece-backed veneers from 1.0 mm
  • Lengths: 2.60 and 3.10 m
  • Widths: 40 to 47 cm in falling widths

Commitment to sustainability

EvenTeak® stands for responsible forestry. Our wood comes exclusively from FSC 100% certified, sustainably managed plantations. In this way, we offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional natural forest teak and actively contribute to the protection of natural resources.

EvenTeak® sets new standards in terms of performance and environmental compatibility:

  • Density: At least 600kg/m³
  • Dimensional change: Maximum 0.2% lengthwise and 4.9% crosswise to the grain
  • Adhesive: Perma-Flex SV-104
  • Fleece: PWG VC150+
  • VOC / formaldehyde emissions: Meets the strict AgBB requirements according to EN 16516

With EvenTeak® you are not only choosing a material that is visually and haptically convincing, but also a product that stands for technical excellence and ecological responsibility.

Discover the future of teak with EvenTeak®.