Reclaimed oak

Reclaimed oak

A treasure of nature and a masterpiece of time

The magic of reclaimed oak, obtained from the beams of old half-timbered houses and historic buildings, is a fascinating chapter in craftsmanship and sustainability. This extraordinary material tells stories of past centuries and is transformed into timeless treasures in the hands of artisans.

Versatile application options

From wall cladding and furniture to unique decorative objects – reclaimed oak offers endless possibilities for interior design and decoration. Their warm, vibrant and unique variety of colors creates an atmosphere of comfort and history in any room.

Let us advise you so that together we can find the optimum solution for your individual requirements and fulfill them.

Reclaimed oak

The fascination of reclaimed oak

Reclaimed oak, preferably obtained from the beams of historic buildings, has an incomparable beauty that is the result of decades, sometimes centuries, of weathering and use. Their distinctive, dark cracks and mortises, as well as the traces of historical processing, give each piece of reclaimed wood its individual character and a soul that cannot be found in new wood.

Discover the world of reclaimed oak

We at KOCH GmbH in Dortmund invite you to discover the diverse and fascinating possibilities of reclaimed oak. Be inspired by the beauty and history of this unique material and use reclaimed oak to create rooms full of character and warmth that can tell a story.

Personal advice for individual projects

Our expertise in working with reclaimed oak enables us to advise customers personally and realize individual projects. Whether it’s choosing the perfect beam for wall cladding or creating bespoke pieces of furniture, we are here to help and advise you.

Old oak

A contribution to sustainability

The use of reclaimed oak is not only an aesthetic decision, but also a strong statement for sustainability. By reusing this old and valuable material, we are helping to protect our forests and reduce waste. Reclaimed wood gives us the opportunity to preserve the past and build for the future at the same time.