Certifications & sustainability

Sustainability in the timber trade

FSC and PEFC certifications at KOCH GmbH

KOCH GmbH in Dortmund, a renowned specialist for veneers, sawn timber and solid wood panels, is actively committed to sustainability and the responsible use of resources. Certification with the two quality seals FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) underlines the company’s commitment to protecting forests and promoting environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable forest management.

Sustainable procurement at KOCH GmbH

FSC and PEFC: guarantors of sustainable forest management

Both certifications, FSC and PEFC, are internationally recognized standards that ensure that wood and wood products come from responsibly managed forests. They guarantee that ecological, social and economic standards are adhered to during timber extraction. This includes protecting biodiversity, safeguarding the rights of indigenous peoples and ensuring labor rights as well as sustainable use that preserves the forest as an ecosystem in the long term.

As an FSC and PEFC certified company, KOCH GmbH attaches great importance to the sustainable procurement of wood. This means that the origin of the wood can be traced exactly for every product sold. The company guarantees that only wood from sustainably managed forests that meet the strict criteria of the FSC and PEFC certifications is used.

Benefits of certification for customers and the environment

FSC and PEFC certification offers numerous advantages, both for KOCH GmbH’s customers and for the environment. Customers can be sure that the products they buy come from environmentally and socially responsible production. At the same time, their purchase actively contributes to environmental protection and the promotion of sustainable forestry.

Commitment to sustainability

For KOCH GmbH, the commitment to sustainability and certified wood procurement is a central component of the corporate philosophy. By continuously investing in sustainable practices and complying with FSC and PEFC standards, the company demonstrates its responsibility towards the environment and future generations.


Sustainability as a vision for the future

With its FSC and PEFC certification, KOCH GmbH in Dortmund is at the forefront of the sustainable timber industry. Through its commitment to certified wood procurement and sustainable practices, the company sets standards in the industry and makes an important contribution to environmental protection and the preservation of forests for future generations. Customers who choose products from KOCH GmbH actively support this vision of a sustainable future.

We have been successfully certified for FSC and PEFC until 2024. You can download the certificates here: