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TABU veneers – delivery conditions

(as a supplement to our General Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment for the Timber Trade [ALZ])

Unless otherwise agreed, all deliveries are made directly from the TABU warehouse in Cantu/Italy.
Your order will be forwarded immediately to the warehouse in Italy. The current stock is checked there for quantity and quality. You will then receive our order confirmation.

Please check these immediately, as the order picking process in the TABU warehouse begins with the dispatch of the order confirmation and subsequent changes mean considerable additional work. For changes to orders already in process, TABU shall charge a flat-rate surcharge of EUR 120.00 for reworking.

Delivery times

  1. If your goods are in stock in the desired quantity and quality, TABU needs approx. 4 working days to dispatch the goods after the order has been confirmed. (standard process)
  2. If, exceptionally, your goods are not available in the warehouse, we will give you the fastest possible date for shipping the goods in coordination with production planning.
  3. If you require express delivery, the goods can be dispatched within one working day if they are available. TABU charges a “priority” fee of EUR 120 for this.
    All delivery times always plus the freight term.

Packaging costs

Volume in m²
Type of packaging
up to approx. 80/100 m²
per carton
5,50 EUR
up to approx. 200 m²
per cardboard box on pallet
15,00 EUR
from approx. 200 m²
per pallet
60,00 EUR

Freight costs

Volume in m²
Delivery time
Parcel service (TNT/DHL/UPS)
up to approx. 200 m²
approx. 70,- to 250,- EUR (depending on weight)
approx. 1-2 working days
Forwarding agency
up to approx. 200 m²
approx. 120,- to 350,- EUR (depending on quantity)
approx. 3-7 working days
All freight prices are for guidance only.